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  • Performance testing , quality assured
  • Real used machine source, short delivery
  • No agent, no extra commission

About ECVV Used Machinery

  • ECVV has resource information for used heavy machines and construction vehicles. Through ECVV platform we guarantee satisfaction service, ensure the payment from buyers to suppliers.
  • Professional After-sales Service to solve problems of maintenance and replacement spare parts of used heavy machines and construction vehicles in overseas.
  • Provide your description through ECVV platform for parts procurement services. Our system provide a fast result for the vehicle parts purchasing services.
  • The Countries and Markets currently covered by ECVV major industries resources are:
  • India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and East Africa, Southeast Asia and Central Asia (Kazakhstan).

Main Products & Services

  • Used Excavator

  • Accessories

  • Valuation

  • Service Guarantee

Featured Products

Featured Products