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Infrared Auto Video Recorder DVR HDMI Output Supported Motion Detection B715

As long as the vehicle fitted with it, you can easily record on your way of moving scenery. Moreover, it can take all kinds of traffic accidents to be used as evidence of the exercise.


1.Dont wxpose this product to dusty, dirty or sndy areas to reduce the risk of damaging components.

2. Do not expose this produce to high temperature. Hig temperature may shorten the life span of electronics device, damage the battery and wind or melt specific plastic parts.

3. Do not situate this product under cold environment. When the product is preheated to its correct temperature, therer will be moisture inside and damage the circuit.

4. Do not try to disassemble or repair by yourself. Doing so may lead to electric shock from the internal high-pressure components.

5. Do not drop or punch this product. Otherwise the internal components will be damaged.

6. Do not clean this product with chemicals, , cleaning solution or high concentration detergent. Please wipe it with slightly damp soft cloth.


> 2.0'' TFT Colorful Monitor

> Recording Automatically after the car's power up

> High speed recording

> Support Real Time & Date display on video

> Quick Snap, Quick Video Recording, Quick Review

> Cycled recording and repeat storage by section