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Barbed tape, often referred to as Razor Wire, is the modern version of barbed wire and designed to prevent intrusion along perimeter barriers. Razor Wire is fabricated from high tensile wire onto which a multitude of razor-sharp barbs are formed at close intervals. The barbs are designed to have a piercing and gripping action. The wire and strip are galvanised as standard to prevent corrosion.

Birmingham Barbed Tape    (BBT) manufactures Razor Wire with various blade profiles and configurations to suit most needs. Two of the types of Razor Wire manufactured by BBT are:
Razor Wire Flatwrap can be installed against an existing smooth wire mesh fence so as to substantially improve the efficiency of the fence. Installed on this basis, innocent persons are protected from injury by the smooth wire mesh.       Razor Wire Flatwrap fitted to a fence provides a neat but effective barrier. The Installation of Razor Wire Flatwrap is particularly simple when it is fitted by overlapping the fence. Razor Wire Flatwrap can also be installed to a brick wall so providing a high barrier.
Barbed Tape Concertina lends itself to installation along an existing border fence/wall where, at low cost, the security of that barrier can be greatly improved. Barbed Tape Concertina provides for a wide variety of installation configurations, any one of which may be selected to meet the degree of security required according to the need at a particular site. Barbed Tape Concertina follows ground contours and can be rapidly installed.