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Mobile Security Barriers
System Concept
  • The system is designed to provide rapid protection – 75 to1000 meter barriers of barbed tape/razor wire coils can be deployed in a matter of seconds.
  • Barriers are fully re-useable.
  • Equipment is supplied to uplift and recompress the barrier into modules, simple to handle and compact to store.
  • A single carrier unit can be quickly refilled to drop many miles of barrier in a short space of time.
  • Systems can be tailored to meet customer’s exact requirements.

  • Barriers are constructed of Barbed Tape Concertina (Razor Wire Coils) separated with high tensile anti-tangle strut wires
  • Barriers are supplied in 75 meter lengths which are compressed into compact modules which are simple to handle and effectively stored
  • Winches are supplied with the carrier units to re-compress the barrier into compact modules after deployment - Strapping equipment is supplied to bind the modules
  • Each module is supplied with 2 handling frames and connection fixtures
As an option the mobile security barrier can be supplied with Tangle Coil (a smooth blade profile designed as a deterrent against intrusion without the risks associated with Razor Wire). The smooth surface provides a barrier with a passive side suitable for use in areas where the public have legitimate access.