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Pls find the details of HW Stainless Steel Indicator:
The HW series uses the high precision analog-to-digital conversion technology and special software anti vibration technology, through the explosion-proof treatment, AC-DC dual-use, applicable to stainless steel electronic platform scale, electronic platform scale, using 1 ~ 4 sensor static weighing system. 

High precision A/D conversion, the readability of 1/30000; 

- calling code display and convenient, observation and analysis of weight tolerance are alternative; 

Special software technology, enhance the system's ability to resist vibration; 

- zero range can be set; 

Digital filtering speed can be set, can be used according to different environment, different filtering parameters respectively; 

- with weighing simple counting function; 

- weight with power-off protection function; 

And a variety of backlight mode option; 

- random charging; With undervoltage indication and protection device; 

- matching serial print 232 card to realize the connection of PC and printer, communication baud rate optional, optional; 

- manual correction around the world G value function; 

With port kg/T/G/lb/oz/viss/ Jin / table catties a conversion function; 

With a variety of peak, the stable value holding function; 

With livestock weighing function; 

- can facilitate external correction function; 

- can achieve mytob. Bsnotes function; 

- three section type nonlinear correction; 

- can realize manual accumulation function; 

- waterproof grade IP66; 

- can view the battery voltage values at any time;