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The thermostat with a touch screen SE 200 is a new
concept of design and comfort control. SE 200 is
equipped with a large touch screen that allows the
consumer to control comfort with one touch.
The SE 200 is designed to control electrical heating
systems for premises:
  • electrical and water* warm floors;
  • heating boilers;
  • radiators and other electrical equipment.
* – The thermostat can be connected to a normal closed valve (thermal
head) which is responsible for hot water supply in loops. The valve must
be rated 220 V. The terminals "load" of the thermostat are connected with
leading-out terminals of an electromagnetic winding of the normal closed

The thermostat SE 200 maintains comfortable
temperature of the heated surface in specified time
frames and ensures energy saving up to 60–70%.
The SE 200 ensures control by using two temperature
sensors: floor and air simultaneously and separately

Programming 24/7 comfortable operating mode
  • Large high-contrast back-lighted display (70×64 mm)
  • 2 temperature sensors: built-in and remote
  • Possibility of operation based on data received from each sensor separately
  • Touch-sensitive control
  • Self-diagnostics of remote sensor
  • Self-learning mode (with a switch-off possibility)
  • Automatic locking of touch-sensitive keys

Supply voltage  220 V
Maximum load current  16 A (3,5 kW)
Power consumption  450 mW
Weight  150 g
Dimensions  90*90*41 mm
Ingress protection rating  IP21
Protection class  II
Floor temperature sensor  (TST02) NTC 6.8 kOhm
Length of sensor installation wire  2 m
Permissible ambient temperature from  +5 °С to +40 °С
Permissible relative air humidity 80%
Temperature adjustment range from  +5 °С to +45 °С

The conformity to all the necessary requirements is approved with appropriate Certificates, CE.