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The KJB Security Products SC7100HD Xtreme Life Night Vision 720p Side View Covert Color Smoke Detector Camera (NTSC / PAL) is housed in a non-functional smoke detector for covertly capturing surveillance video. The side view camera, with no visible wires, is integrated into the smoke detector so it is virtually hidden.

Since the lens of the camera is oriented sideways, the smoke detector has to be positioned on a wall or ceiling in such a way that the desired scene to the side of the smoke detector (in front of the lens) is in focus. With a viewing angle of 140°, the side view camera covers a wide area and is suitable for seeing the length of a room or hallway.

With covert 940nm IR LEDs that don't emit visible light, the camera records clear video in low-light conditions. The camera employs a PIR sensor to provide extended battery life. The PIR sensor regulates power to the internal video recording components. When there is no activity in range of the PIR sensor, thecamera and DVR are powered down. When the sensor is triggered, it sends a signal to turn on the camera and begin recording almost instantly. The camera can therefore operate in standby mode on a fully-charged battery for up to 30 days. The captured video is stored on the removable SD card (8GB card included).

Note: A separate monitor or TV with a composite video input is required for setup.

Note: Pictures can appear black-and-white in low-light conditions because the camera tries to capture the best possible picture in the limited light available.

Easy installation - simply charge and mount
Two-second start up for motion-activated recording using the PIR (heat detection) feature
Battery operated for up to 30 days in standby mode on a single charge
HD playback up to 30 fps
Night vision using covert 940nm IR LEDs that don't emit visible light
No visible wires
Designed for long-term indoor use
Supports microSD cards up to 64GB (8GB card included)
Firmware upgradable using a microSD card
IR remote control
Time and date stamp