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Model Number: FS707
Brand Name: Meditech
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


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Industrial Usage Disposable Cleaning Foam SwabsIndustrial Usage Disposable Cleaning Foam Swabs
Main Advantages:


the Large rectangular foam head swab FS707 is A tool for any type of cleaning, including those that require high absorbency, Low particle generation, and uniform dispersing of solvent.

the large rectangular foam head swab FS707 is An excellent choice for cleaning on thermal print head, inkjet print head, Check scanner, reader transport rollers, opto-electronic sensors, automotive Parts, firearm and gun, prepared surfaces in aerospace and much more.

It can also be used in antiseptic medical Swabs application.

Cleaning foam swabs FS707 features a large Rectangular foam head.

Its high quality 100ppi closed-cell Polyurethane foam head possesses excellent solvent-holding capacity and Durability.

A rigid internal paddle provides firm support and allow for more aggressive cleaning. the Large polypropylene handle provides good control and ease of use.

Thermal bonding eliminates the use of Contaminating adhesives and coatings and sprays.

All Cleanroom Foam Swabs are Packaged in Silicone-free and amide-free bags.

Anti-static handle option is available.


Technical details:

Part Number Head Width Head Thickness Head Length Handle Width Handle Thickness Handle Length Total Length
FS707 Closed Cell 16 mm 10mm 25 mm 7 mm 2.8mm 104 mm 129 mm
(0.630") (0.394") (0.984") (0.276") (0.110") (4.094") (5.079")

Industrial Usage Disposable Cleaning Foam Swabs