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Purity: 99.5%
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Other Names: amidosulfonic acid
CAS No.: 5329-14-6
Classification: sulfamic acid
Application: Industrial
Appearance: white crystals
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
EINECS No.: 226-218-8


Sulfamic Acid



Sulfamic acid is a molecular compound with the formula H3NSO3.

It is colorless, water-soluble and melts at 205 C .

Our Company has more than 30 years' experience in chemical production.

Now we Are one of the largest sulfamic acid production companies in China.



Sulfamic Acid are widely used in many different fields.


Cleaning agent.

Catalyst for esterification process.

Dye and pigment manufacturing.


Ingredient in fire extinguishing media.

Pulp and paper industry as a chloride Stabilizer.

Coagulator for urea-formaldehyde resins.




Why Us


High Quality

Our sulfamic acid have a high purity of 99.5%.


Large Production Capacity

We are one of the largest sulfamic acid Suppliers in China with more than 1600 tons/month product capacity.


Rich Experience

Our factory has more than 30 years' Experience in chemical industry.


Advanced Technology

We have more than 80 technical staff help Us to improve our manufacturing technology.

Sulfamic acid 995 purity industrial grade