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Brand Name: redstar
Technique: Woven
Application: Woven Wire Mesh
Type: Crimped Wire Mesh
Material: Black Wire Mesh
Model Number: 2170
Wire Diameter: 0.71mm - 12.5mm
Weave Style: Plain Weave
Mesh size: 1mm - 100mm
Hole type: square, rectangular and long slot
Surface treatment: galvanized or painted
Material: black wire, spring steel wire, manganese steel wire and stainless steel wire


Double Crimp ScreensAre produced by weaving previously Crimped wires into one another. The mesh width and wire diameter Determine the number of crimps within a mesh width. In some cases it is Possible to produce grids with identical mesh width and differing Numbers of crimps. The number of crimps set by us guarantees the highest Possible mesh stability.

Highly abrasion-resistant spring steel or stainless spring steel.

Opening size:
2.0 - 80.0 mm
Wire diameter:
0.8 - 8 mm
Supplied dimensions:
as required by customer, in rolls or formats
Installation instructions:
the screen is installed with using of tensioning metallic bars into a Separator over different types of hook strips, further with using of Side bars and wedges, possibly is fastened into a frame.

Varied lengths
Require less maintenance
Sturdy construction

the Double Crimp Screen can be used in the following fields as:
* Safety grids (e.g. Car industry, mechanical engineering, building industry)
* Filling elements for gates and fences in buildings and gardens
* Booth construction
* Plant breeding
* Pigeon barriers
* Noise protection
Double Crimp Woven Screen Wire Mesh