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Brand Name: ZOJE
material: No. ZOJE-S107
Color: No. ZOJE-S107
Warranty: No. ZOJE-S107
Card Type: No. ZOJE-S107
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Type: Gate Operators
Dimensions: No. ZOJE-S107
Weight: No. ZOJE-S107


as a half height turnstile, tripod turnstiles gates restrict access to one person at a time by a set of rotating tripod barrier arms.
Access control and pedestrian traffic metering don't have to be costly.

 can be the best solution for projects with a limited budget.
ZOJE-S107 is an attractive tripod turnstile that is fully capable of handling areas with high pedestrian volume. 
the compact unit makes it easy to construct a multiple lane set-up while the variety of color choice allows you to match this tripod turnstile perfectly to your lobby, team or company image.
this tripod turnstile gate can be configured to allow access in a single or bidirectional direction depending on project needs.
for sports stadiums, gyms, university facilities, and other areas, ticket inspectors have been gradually eliminated these days as the buildings are all equipped with robust safety guard - tripod turnstile gates. The tripod turnstile gates will do their duties properly. Wherever regular control of pedestrian traffic is necessary, these tripod turnstiles will perform flawlessly.
this tripod turnstile gate is a magnetic turnstile, it is easy to install and maintain. All kinds of access control system modules can be integrated into the cabinet, such as IC / ID / RFID card reader, fingerprint recognition, palm recognition, facial recognition, iris or retina recognition, etc.



Standard model


Turnstile Type

Tripod turnstile

Cabinet material

304 stainless steel (standard)

316 stainless steel (optional)

Arm material

304 stainless steel (standard)

316 stainless steel (optional)

Side covered plate

Tempered glass


Stainless steel satin finish


1600*300*1000mm (L*W*H)

Passage width



Single / bidirectional


Fail safe

Power supply

AC110220V, 50/60Hz

Unlock time


Flow rate

35 person/min

Working environment

Indoor and outdoor

LED indicator

both sides

Drive type

Electromagnetic (standard)

DC brush motor(Optional)

DC brushless motor(Optional)

ZOJE Tripod Turnstile Gates Slim Style Model No ZOJES107