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Brand Name: Janus steel
Ti (Min): 5ton
Grade: GR1
Technique: Hot Rolled
Application: tube sheet
Model Number: 15603337220
Length: 6m-14mm
Width: 800mm-4000mm
Thickness: 2mm-30mm
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


this is Iris from Janus Steel China, the manufacturer of anti corrosion clad steel plates and pipes of stainless steel, Nickel steel, Titanium steel  and copper steel and other alloy steel for 20 years.

Why choose us:

  • 35-45 days delivery time
  • Thickness of cladding steel: 2-15mm, thickness of base steel: 6-300mm
  • Flexible payment model

with 180 employees and 60 technicians, our annual output amounts to 30000 tons. Welcome you visiting!
to be your reliable and stable supplier of clad steel.

Titanium clad steel plate for pressure vessel