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Use: IPL
Material: optical glass
Size: customized
Brand Name: Yisu Photonics
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


the optical characteristic of this filter is the high transmission of the light source 560-1200nm that cuts off the 350-490nm band. in this part of the transmitted light, the spectrum will be yellow, which can be applied to various filter color products. It is also indispensable in IPL beauty. the detailed principle can be used to test the technical characteristics and application of PL technology in technical support. IPL beauty filter is a key optical component of IPL beauty instrument, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays. through the IPL filter glass, the IPL instrument can play the role of hair removal, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal and whitening. the principle of the IPL laser treatment machine is: the use of strong pulsed light in a specific spectral range directly acts on the skin to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, so that the deep-seated collagen in the skin tissue and collagen fibers are rearranged, and the elasticity is restored. The blood vessel function is enhanced, the microcirculation is improved, the pigment is cleaved, and finally a safe and effective cosmetic effect is achieved. Our slides are mainly customized according to the customer's light source, a high-cut short-wave zone, a high-transmission long-wave zone slide, from ultraviolet to near infrared bands can be arbitrarily selected, the projection and reflection transition band dithering filter is less than 20nm, using quartz glass Material, vacuum deposition coating, film layer can withstand flame burning fastness test. Different wavelengths have the following therapeutic effects: 430nm, 480nm (removal of acne, acne), 530nm (removal of spots), 560nm (whitening and skin rejuvenation), 580nm (removal of blood red silk)/640nm, 690nm (hair removal).

Compared with the traditional colored optical glass filter, the long wave pass filter produced by our company has the advantages of large cut-off steepness, high transmittance and large background optical density, and it is completely different from the traditional optical glass method. When the angle of incidence changes (turning from 0 degrees to a large angle), the characteristic cutoff wavelength will move in the short wave direction. this function can be applied to the system fine-tuning, and can get the wavelength you need.

Common application equipment: beauty equipment, police multi-band detection equipment, bright light flashlight, stage lighting color film, face recognition attendance meter, optical equipment, fiber optic lighting, gold halogen lamp heat insulation film, cold light source display cabinet.
Custom dichroic glass filter for projector dichroic color filter optical filter