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A  is for different ages and players to do exercise. It is more durable than aluminum baseball bats. It will never break, rot, crack, splinter, or fade.


It has different sizes and can custom as your requests.


30 inch: Length: 75cm head diameter: 50mm, grip handle diameter: 24mm, weight: 1020g


Also, it is a lightweight design with a slender handle. Made your feedback is faster. It is the right tool for recreational play, routine practice or even professional play. Suitable for all sports as the grip.


the anti-slip grip is more comfortable. Also, high strength adhesives make life longer.


Baseball Bats always be used as a self-defence tool for yourself and the whole family. It is the best present for children, friends, and other family members. Good quality baseball bats sure will bring more fun for your children and enjoy some family quality time.


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30 Inch Steel Baseball Bats TALENT SPORT