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1)Type: Contactless Read & Write 2)Operating Frequency: 902MHz~928MHZ or 868MHz 3)Compliance : ISO 18000-6B or EPC Gen2 4)Material: ABS 5)Physical Size: 2.5cm*2.5cm Thicness: 2mm 6)Printing: Printable with silkscreen (no more than 2 colors) A customized logo can be printed on the tag Applications: 1)Vehicles Controlling Application With RFID technology, we can identify vehicles, make sure its validity and veridicality of vehicle磗 information. In the past, to identify vehicles, tracking and demonstrate with visual base is time-consuming, high cost and ineffective. Low efficiency mode leads to large amount of loss among government tax and bad to living environment and security of our society.To solve shortage among polices and related staffs by screwing metal tag on vehicle brand is the best way for government to obtain vehicle磗 information and control them. 2)Metal Products Application RFID products are easy to be interfered by metal and water. Metal tags are developed for this and can be used among vehicle mark, vehicle, or metal products without influence on tag.