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H.I. Card Principle H.I.card can check the relative humidity in the airproof packaging conveniently,it is also a convenient,quick and commercial way to check the humidity of an environment. The user could judge the temperature in this environment and the using condition of dessicants. If the temperature reach or exceed point, the dot in H.I.C. will turn into pink from blue. The User can estimate using result of the desiccants so that he could replace the desiccants in time. Using Suntec's H.I.C. could help to keep your exact products dry. Suntec could supply several specifications of H.I.C. for your choosing, such as 30~50%, 5~15%, 10~60% for electronic products and others like. Creteria MIL-I-8335,MIL-P-116 Applications △Pack electronic parts; △Sensitive groupware; △Optics equipments; △Indicating range is wide, having isolate Indicating card, usually 10~40%, 30~50% is used for electronic products only. Characteristics 1.When the environmental temperature reach a definite point, the dot on card will turn into pink from blue. 2.The changing of color is reversible, when the environmental temperature becoms dry enough, the dot on card will turn into blue once again.. 3.When the dot becomes purple (between blue and pink), the environmental temperature is the temperature indicated by the color-changed dot. 4.If you have put H.I.C. and desiccants in the original-packed airtight can, you need replace the desiccants when you open the can over three times. 5.Keep H.I.C. in dry, shady and cool environment, please avoid sunlight reaching and being water soaked. Specifications 5~15% 20~40% 30~50% 10~40% 10~60%