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PVC Coated Welded Mesh Panel
We have more than 20 years history in production and sales of welded wire mesh panels and wire mesh fences. We have hydraulic welding machine, spot welding machine, wire straightening and cutting machine and other machinery to produce big welded mesh panels, black wire welded panels, galvanized welded mesh panels, copper coated welded mesh panels, PVC coated welded mesh panels, fences for expressway, security fences for gardens and other special welded panels for construction. We follow the export standard in producing panels for our customers in Europe and the USA.
Materials: With PVC coating, anti-violet and anti-aging auxiliary agent can be added in the coating materials.
Application: In breeding of animals, forests fencing, parks and zoo fences, sports fences, etc. With longer service life compared with common iron wire.
HY-Rib framwork mesh is quick and easy as expendable to a fixed template. When the templates after pouring in, the Yujiao mesh embedded in concrete on the film, forming a block with neighbouring pouring connected to a mechanical wedge. The joints subject to strict quality control. Its bonding and the shear strength and a good deal with the rough suture Zhuo comparable.
Perforated Mesh
Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel, cuprum board, nickel board.
Characteristic: the surface of the mesh is flat,smooth and aesthetic feeling, and it is firmly and durable, and is used widely. Specification: rolled board 1×20cm, flat board 1×2m
Weave: produce through pressing and punch
Usage: mine, medicine, the filter of food, the indoor sound insulation,silencer, the aeration of grain depot, and the protecting of the machine.
Hexagonal Wire Netting
Shenghua offers Hexagonal Wire Netting in firm structure and flat surface.Hexagonal wire mesh is also known by the name of chicken mesh.Hexagonal wire netting is manufactured in galvanized iron and galvanized iron drawn wire It is extensively used in building as reinforcement of the roof and floor,light.fencing for poultry farms,birds courts and fish garden,and children playground.
Expanded Metal Mesh
We have been engaged in producing and selling of expanded metal mesh for over 10 years. Expanded metal mesh can be made from a wide range of materials, chiefly expanded steel mesh, aluminum expanded metal mesh, expanded stainless steel, expanded nickel and other metal , as steel reinforcement materials in petroleum, chemical industry and building decorations. Thickness available from 0.5mm to 8mm.
Variety: small, medium and heavy expanded metal mesh. Expanded aluminum mesh, expanded platinum filtration mesh, expanded brass mesh, expanded copper mesh, expanded stainless steel mesh, expanded nickel mesh. Opening in the shape of diamond, hexagonal or special shape.
Use: Used with concrete in buildings and construction, maintenance of equipments, making of arts and crafts, covering screen for first class sound case. Also fencing for super highway, studio, highway. Heavy expanded metal can be used as step mesh of oil tanks, working platform, corridor and walking road for heavy model equipment, boiler, petroleum and mine well, automobile vehicles, big ships. Also serve as reinforcing bar in construction, railway and bridges.
 We have advanced equipment like various expanded metal mesh punching machine, mesh flattening machine and mesh cutting machinery to produce quality expanded metal products.