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  The Brix concentration, Refractive index or other parameters are always needed in lab or our life. The traditional optical refractometer is very popular used to measure these parameters. Compared with the traditional optical refractometer, the digital refractometer with a digital readout and LCD display will eliminate uncertainties and is more convenient to use. Just about 0.3ml-0.5ml sample was needed. The result will be showed in the display! With smart and beautiful shape, our Pocket digital refractoemeter will be a good instrument in your work!
SCALES:Propylene Glycol,Ethylene Glycol,Battery Acid,Cleaner
Propylene Glycol 0 (-50) ℃
Ethylene Glycol 0 (-50) ℃
Battery Acid 1.10 ~ 1.50sg
Cleaner 14 (-40) ℃
Propylene Glycol 0.1
Ethylene Glycol 0.1
Battery Acid 0.01
Cleaner 0.1
Propylene Glycol ±0.2
Ethylene Glycol ±0.2
Battery Acid ±0.01
Cleaner ±0.2
Propylene Glycol 0℃
Ethylene Glycol 0℃
Battery Acid 1.10sg
Cleaner 0℃
digital refractometers have the following characters:
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Automatic Shut Off after 3 minutes
Conversion between Centigrade and Fahrenheit Degree
Alarm of Low Voltage & Low power consumption
Temperature Measurement Range:0℃-40℃(32℉-104℉)
Precision of Measurement temperature:±0.1℃(2℉)
Measurement temperature Resolution:0.1℃(2℉)
Operation Temperature:0℃-40℃(32℉-104℉)
Storage temperature:-10℃-50℃ (14℉-122℉)
Dimension :120×59×40mm
Power Supply:2battery(1.5v)
Operating Time:More than 1500 times per battery