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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Coal Mine Radial OTR Tyre 600/65R25,750/65R25,850/65R25,875/65R29,2 star
Radial OTR Tire 600/65R25 introductions:

1.Special compound with good performance effectively improved the life of the tyre, oil saving and safety.

2.The combination of special tread design, stock compound and strong carcass structure design provides excellent heat and wear resistances, excellent traction, the tire is a kind of durable tire extensively suitable to various mining areas, building sites.

3.Use: Suitable for mining, coal field, strip mine and construction site.

Radial OTR Tyre Size IND Code Optional Compound Star Rating
600/65R25  E3/L3 R1,C1 2STAR
650/65R25  E3/L3 H2,C1 2STAR
750/65R25  E3/L3 H2,C1 2STAR
850/65R25  E3/L3 H2,C1 2STAR
875/65R29  E3/L3 H2,C1 2STAR