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Material:low carbon steel wire ,stainless steel wire , chemical fiber, Al-Mg alloy wire , galvanized wire ,pvc wire , aluminum wire . Weaving and characteristic: weaving including I mould and II mould.It is light, the toughness is fine, corrosion-resisting, ventilate, clear easily and artistic. Uses: used to prevent mosquito in hotel, public building and civil residence , etc. General specifications:14mesh x 14 mesh, 16mesh x 14mesh, 16mesh x 16mesh, 18mesh x 16mesh, 18mesh x 18mesh, 18mesh x 14mesh General wire diameter: BWG31 or BWG 32. Type: plastic insect screen, fiberglass insect screen, stainless steel insect screen, aluminum insect scren, invisible insect screen, galvanized iron insect screen, pvc coated insect screen, enamelled iron insect screen .