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Vivid Plastic Card ( Speciall Effect Card, Membership Card )
Transparent and Opaque Cards
We provide clear transparent or opaque cards with many other
printing effects such as transparent, color tipping, metallic color, spot lamination and more. Clear cards gained popularity due to the kinds of special effects that are incorporated into the design. With our high quality card product, we make your unique business card outstanding!
Spot-Lamination Cards
In additions to a choice of Matte and traditional Glossy Finish, we can offer the "SPOT" laminate areas on your cards. This is commonly used at Matt surface card with glossy-highlight of the shapes; logos etc. on your card. Or, you can also do the reverse by making the card mainly glossy and some smaller areas matte.
Hotstamping of aluminum foil
Holographic foil is a silver looking foil which shows different shades of color at different angles. We offer hot-stamping of SILVER, GOLD or HOLOGRAPHIC foil in various colors. Note that hot-stamping is recommended for larger shapes and text.
Scratch-off cards
These are commonly used to cover surprise gifts, codes, surprise discounts, data, icons etc. These cards are widely used in prepaid phone cards, lottery cards, discount cards and game cards. The user can simply scratch off the panel to reveal the information. You can include more than one scratch panel or create custom shape scratch panel on your design.
We provide innovative card design with your corporate design, graphic and message. Cards are manufactured to the ISO 760 Micron laminated specification, silk-screen printing for metallic colors and offset printing for specials and full color works are available on all our presses. We can also add spot lamination, color tipping on the transparent and opaque cards so to make fancier of your plastic cards.