Product Main


Support the same density, compatible with multiple conditional access system.
Support 2~4 CA systems  
Multiplex 8 inputs (ASI) SPTS or MPTS, multiplex and encrypt every single or multi programs.
Input date bit rate: 216Mbps(max)/channel
ETHERNET interface, it could carry out the parameters setup and supervision from remote via network management unit.
Empty packet automatic filling and output bit rate invariableness
Can edit and insert the NIT and TDT tables
188 and 204 packet automatic identification
Output TS stream packet format is optional (188 packages and 204 packages)
With multiple output bit-rate options
Failure alarming
LCD display to carry out system status supervision and system parameters setup
Power off memory
ASI Input interface
Input interface: DVB ASI interface
Connector: BNC
Impedance: 75W
TS standard: ISO13818-1
Input valid bit rate: 214Mbps max (per channel)
TS packet format: 188/204 bytes (automatic identification)
TS input format: equality/ packet burst / inequality
ASI output interface
Standard: DVB
Connector: BNC
Impedance: 75W
TS standard: ISO13818-1
Output valid bit rate: 2Mbps~120Mbps, tunable (1 Kbps step)
TS packet format: 188/204 bytes, optional (no RS encoding with 204 bytes)
TS input format: equality
Net interface
 RJ45 ETHERNET interface, IEEE802.3 ETHERNET
Keep status of power off
The unit will keep status with the power being cut off, in order to auto-reset when electrified again.
Power supply:
Voltage:      90V~250V A.C,
Frequency:   50Hz ±2%,
Power:        25W
Working Environment
 0—50°C for operation
-25—55°C for storage
10~75% for relative humidity
Radiation and safety
GB13837-92 AND GB8898-88
 Mechanic characteristics
Dimension: 44.5mm(1U)*483mm*(19.0”)*400mm