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Straight Line Type Razor wire is easy to be installed in many ways.Straight razor wire is installed quickly. It can save cost and at the same time achieve the effect of frightening and stopping.

Reference Number
CBT-60 CBT-65

* Razor Wire Materials: hot dipped galvanized steel sheet and wire, stainless steel sheet and wire: AISI430 and AISI304.
* Razor wire in hot dipped galvanized sheet is economic cost compared with stainless steel razor wire. It has bright and beautiful blade of various types, offers good corrosion resistance. Galvanized razor wire can be supplied in straight line razor wire, single coils razor wire or crossed concertina razor coils.
* Blade Types for Galvanized Razor Wire: BT-12, BT-15, BT-22, BT-25, BT-30, CBT-60, CBT-65, etc. Sizes of Hot-dipped Galvanized Razor Wire: Different length from 450mm to 960mm while the length and the diameter of the razor wire can be customized.