Product Main


1. ABS material   (Stonger new ABS material, isn't broken drop off within 1 m )

2. 2 pc LED,   Illumination: 12, 000-13, 000MCD/pc

3. Motor type:   DC Brush Motor (1 pc)  

4. Rechargeable batteries type: Ni-MH   Battery (3. 6V, 40mA, 1pc)

5. Charging method: by cranking the flashlight handle

6. This product is patented environmental electric torch products.

7. This dynamo flashlight is a self-generating product, which is charged by cranking the handle and the power is generated by a dynamo/motor inside the flashlight body.

8. 150rpm/1min wind-up provides 30 mins of power OR 5-8 mins mobile phone talking time.

9. Output Voltage: 4-5. 5V, Direct current: 450mAH, Power:   about 2W .

10. Hold the product in hand, pull out the side handle towards the head of the flashlight. Power can be generated by cranking the handle in clockwise.

11. To turn light on, push the side switch on.  

12. Reset the rechargeable handle and lock it after using, the power switch is fixed to the side.