Product Main


1. ABS material

2.3 PC LED, 1 LED Illumination: 12, 000-13, 000MCD/PC

3. Toggle Switches: Press one time, one LED is on; Press second time, the light is off; The third time, 3LED is on; Fourth time, three LED is off.

4. Motor type: DC Brush Motor (1 PC) (strong Current, steady Voltage, low noise, long life than other motors, recharger power quickly )

5. Rechargeable batteries type: Ni-MH Battery (3.6V, 1PC, long life and big capability)

6. Charging method: By cranking the flashlight handle

7. This product is patented environmental electric torch products.

8. This dynamo flashlight is a self-generating product, which is charged by cranking the handle and the power is generated by a dynamo/motor inside the flashlight body.

9.120rpm/1min wind-up provides 10-15 mins of power for 3 LED or 15-20 with two LED

10. Output Voltage: 5-5.5V at the speed of rotating 120rpm/min, Direct current: 450-500mAH, Power: About 2W

11. Environmental friendly product, no need to change the batteries.

12. DC mobile phone adapters (not included in the price and please ask our sales people for details).