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Wire Mesh Fence ,Garden fence
Material : low carbon steel wire,Al-Mg alloy wire,Galvanized iron wire,plastic coated wire.
Process : Weaving and Welding. Fence length 2m, 2.5m as standard.
Features : aesthetic appearance,corrosion resistance,high safety factor and be used in
                        many industries for fencing.
Surface treatment : Galvanized and PE coated .   galvanized include Hot Galvanized and Electro Galvanized , PE Coated include Powder coated and Pe coated .
Color of the mesh ,include White, Green ,Blue , Red, Yellow  etc. 
Assortments :  chain link fence ,thruway wire mesh fence,,factory wire mesh fence,play ground wire mesh fence ,court wire mesh fence,residence fence , airport wire mesh fence ,railway wire mesh fence ,garden wire mesh fence
Specification : ( other kinds as you request )
                             the wire diameter :  1 mm to 10 mm  or as you request
                             the opening size :  5cm to 100cm or as you request
                             the length :  1m to ......or as you request
                             the width : 1m to 6m   or as you request
                             the post size : as you request
                             the accessories : as you request
                             Base for fence : as you request
√ Use : Prevention for road, railway, airport, residence district, seaport, garden, feeding and
√for example :   wire Mesh Fences Spotted by 4mm diameter quality mild steel wire
                                Opening (mm) 75x150
                                LxW (mm) 1800x3000
                                frame  (mm) 20x30x1.5
                                 PVC coating thickness (mm) 0.7-0.8
                                 With coating (mm) 4.8
                                 Support post (mm) diameter 48x2x2200