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The energy consumption of air-conditioner is mainly electricity. PowerSaver traces the working load of compressor by microcomputer chip (MCU), optimize the operation curve by alto, and instruct the temperature console of air conditioner to modify the average operation currency and time intelligently and eliminate the inference by temperature compensation.

The PowerSaver adopt the technologies of the real-time automatic temperature compensation technology, the temperature interval control technology and the thermal transmit theory, combine the value setting controlling and process controlling, optimize the control process by humanoid control theory. MCU compensate the temperature with the real time date and the thermal conversion formula to achieve the effect of high-efficiency, optimization and management. It purify the electricity of supplier by filer the harmonic inference, peak voltage and surge currency. It is proved that the system can promote the economy and reliability of air conditioner.
It is what GYN-AC/301 bring us, take advantage of control, enjoy our life, easy saving energy
Save energy rate: 18%----35%