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1.       Vacuum limited:<1.333KPA
2.       Type:FX-6090
3. Packing speed:45-90S/time
4.Power of vacuum pump :0.75KW×3
5.Power supply: three phases four line
6.Cooling time:0-3s/time
7.Vacuum chamber size:600×900×300(mm)
8.Seal size:600x10mm
10.Dimensions: 1050*900*1300mm
This side opens the door the vacuum packaging machine take to be suitable in the vacuum packing plastic laminated film or the plastic aluminum foil laminated film as the packing material, may to the solid, the liquid, powdery, paste body’s food, the grain, the component, the precise correction card, the rare metal and so on carry on the vacuum packing. After the packing prevents the product to oxidize, to be affected with damp, achieves guarantee the color, the extension product the storage life.