Product Main


2.4Ghz PALM Wireless Monitor & DVR KIT.
Product Function Introduction: 
1. Support Overwrite Eabled .      
2. 2.4GHz 4-channel palm wireless mobile AV camera & receiver.      
3. AVI format MPEG-4 wireless AV recorder, with real-time clock display;          
4. MP3, MP4 player, picture browse supportable;               
6. Cabled AV recording and TV function supportable;          
7. 960*240 high-definition 2.5 inch TFT LCD display screen.      
8. Inbuilt with 128MB memory block,Supportto up to 16G memory MMC/SD card, U disc, mobile 1.8 inch HD memory, reading and writing supportable;          
9. OTG and 2.0 high-speed USB interface supportable;          
10.Support the connection with the display so as to play and record programs;          
11.Inbuilt with high-capacity polymer lithium battery, 5 h continuous play time.