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ISO: 9001;4001


The trainer is designed and developed according to requirements in " The 21st Vocational Education Course Reform and Education Construction Plan" made by Ministry of Education, combined with actual production and professional skills, training in vocational and technical schools, suitable for courses such as " Electrical basis" , " Circuit basis" , " Circuit" , " Electronic technology basis" , " Electronic circuit basis" and " Electronic circuit" for majors such as electromechanical equipment maintenance, electromechanical technology application, electrical operation and control, electrical technology application, electronic and electrical products maintenance, electronics and IT, electronic technology application, teaching and experiments of " Electrical and electronic technology" , " Analogy and digital circuit nodules" , " Electronic technology training" , " Electronic components test" , " PCB welding, electronic products assembly" and " Electronic products test, PCB design training" in vocational schools and colleges.
Main functions
Yalong YL-135 electronic technology trainer is composed of: Al frame, power supply, component boxes, PC (optical).
Al frame: for all modules (Yalong modules), for more various experiments, with 2 cabinets to store tools and component boxes. Power supply: composed of 2 independent power supplies and instruments, for 2 students to make different experiments together easily, with a 1-phase power supply, leak protection air switches, fuses.
Power supply: a DC power supply 0~24V/2A, with protections against overload and short circuit; 3~24 VAC power supply, 7-stage adjustable; overload and short-circuit protection, ± 5V, ± 12V switching DC power supply; a precise digital voltmeter (DC 30V), a precise digital ammeter (DC 2000mA); with 6 channels of 1-phase power supply sockets for easy usage and extension.
Codes and marks on component boxes are in accordance with the most updated China national standards, compact and nice, easy to install, use and maintain, therefore, it is an ideal updated product for various electronic experiments and teaching in various colleges, secondary technical and vocational schools.
The component boxes are most advanced patented products, with components inside, as well as typical circuits, meters and ICs, can be used to compose various experiment circuits according to requirements; the experiments are open and innovative, made of transparent organic engineering plastic for demonstration, and the students can see the components and wirings directly to understand the fundamentals, helpful in teaching; the board is made of PCB, clear and obvious, endurable and the components inside are easy to replace; the wires and sockets are made of high-quality copper, with elastic plugs for connection in experiments, reliable and safe; the experiment circuits for various experiments and course design products can be combined or composed in an easy way according to the requirements on skills training.