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Product:PVC coated steel wire rope, pvc coated wire, plastic wire(S)

Steel wire ropes have a wide variety of industrial applications, including general industrial and construction, forestry, mining, oil and gas, fishing and marine, elevator, and utilities industries, as well as for ski lifts, bridges, supported structures

PVC coated steel wire rope, pvc coated wire, plastic wire

Color: Red, Clear, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, etc

Products Range:

*High Carbon Spring wire, spring steel wire, galvanized steel wire, 

*galvanized (Electro & hot-dip)/ungalvanized , PVC coated steel wire rope


0.15MM to 12MM (STEEL WIRE)


Packing: Packed in plastic spool ,reel,bag,drum or carton,according to your requirements.

Our PVC coated steel wire rope have wide application, it can be used for PVC coated steel wire rope sling, clothline, pet rope, computer locks , seal locks ; deep-sea fishing industry for exploration, traction pumps, mechanical equipment etc.

And The PVC steel wire rope have the feature of anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, beautiful, etc.