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Usage: Impact Testing Machine
Power: Electronic
Model Number: XHL-06B
Brand Name: XH
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


The series impact testing machine is used to test the performance of impact resistance under the live loac, being an indispensable device in metallurgy and machine manufacturing units and is also a necessary testing instrument for the research of new materials in research institution. the series model is the mostly widely used impact testing machine at current market.


1. Microcomputer control, electric rising pendulum, impact , results are measured
calculated by microcomputers and displayed digitally and printed out, having high operation efficiency, high testing accuracy. the energy which is remained after the specimen is impacted broken can automatically rise the pendulum for the next testing, simple operate and has high working efficient, the materials impact absorbed energy, impact elasticity and pre-rising angle of pendulum and average  value of test can be calculated and displayed, The test data and average value of the time can be printed

2. The principle machine of the testing machine has single column structure,
Cantilever type pendulum hanging mode, the pendulum body is U-shaped.
3. The impact cutter is installed and fixed by screws and is convenient and easy to replaced.
4. The specimen is supported via simply by supported beam
5. Safety guard pin is arranged on the principle machine which is also provided with safety guard net.
6 .The testing machine is controlled in a semi-automatic way, electric control is  realized for pendulum rising, pendulum hanging, impacting and pendulum placing, The energy which is remained after the specimen is broken can automatically rise the pendulum for the next testing, thus, the testing machine is suitable to be used in laboratories which make consecutive impact tests or the metallurgy and machine manufacturing sectors which are involved with a large of impact tests.
7 .The testing machine is in conformity with the international standard ISO 148 and ASTM E-23
Technical Parameters:

1. Impact energy: 300J, 150J (500J 250J optional)

2. Angel of the Pendulum raises in advance:  150°

3. Impact speed: 5.2m/s
4. Distance from the centre of hammer to impact point: 750mm
5. Span of sample branch seat: 40mm
6. Radius of arc circle of sample branch seat: R1-1.5mm
7. Arc circle radius of impact knife: R2-2.5mm R8mm
8. Impact knife thickness:  16mm
9. Size of sample:  10×10×55mm
10. Size of outline: 2124 × 600 × 1340mm
11. Net weight:  450Kg
12. Power: Three Phases 380V, 50Hz