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USA(America, American) Style Upright Monuments and Tombstones, Material: Shanxi Black, Granite. All highly polished with butterfly etching and colored. Serpentine Top.

Upright monuments vary in size. All uprights contain at least two pieces a upright piece called a die and a flat piece called a base.
They usually polished on five side for both die(head) and base, or on two sides for die with a  base  polished on one side. They are usually installed base flush with the ground and the upright in place in the center of the base. The only limits to the carving and lettierng is the size of the stone. They can have almost anything on them, photos, etchings, lettering etc.

1)General Size: die: 18~84"*6~10"*18~36", base: 24~96"*10~14"*6~10"

2)Die Shape: Flat, Serpetine, Oval, Heart, Apex, Ridge, Concave, Convex, Tapered, Reverse Tapered and many other shape.