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·       Lamp pole is made of high quality Q235 or 65Mn armor plate, with heat galvanization embalmment
·       Lamp tray framework is made of high quality profiled bar, with heat galvanization treatment. Cover plate is made of aluminum plate
·       The firmware including the bolts and nuts are through zinc processing
·       Sealed lamp tray has the advantages of elegant sculpt, attractive decoration effect, wide illumination angle, high illumination effect, centralized light-source, equal light emanation, low glare, and convenient for control and maintainance
·       Convenient operation of electron motion elevation. When rise to the operation place, the lamp tray can pull on/off the hook, and unload the steel wire automatically
·       16x400W-1000W sodium bulbs or metal lamp
·       The protection grade of electrical appliance box is IP23 and lighting fixture is IP54
·       H25m-35m