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We, Wuhu Jiahong New Material Co., Ltd, lie in Electrical Apparatus Components Industrial Park , is the only one new high-tech enterprise which can produce both under floor heating cables and self-regulating heating cables in China since 1986.
Our main products are various of self-regulating heating cable and underfloor heating cable. We have a series of advanced testing equipment to ensure our quality and a special development team so we can product cables for your special requirement. We have already exported our product to most European, North American, Asian countries. The products have already got UL CE ISO9001 SGS certificates. We can send you a sample for your reference.

JH-MH Single Conductor Underfloor Heating Mat

Description & Charcteristics

JH-MH single conductor underfloor heating mat is an electrical cable system for heating of premises by heating their floor. This system can be used as:

1. Basic heating system.

It can be used in isolated buildings in cases when it is impossible to use central water heating system.

2. Supplementary (comfortable) heating system.

It is used in combination with other ones to get comfort, especially in cold floor premises (bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools) and in ground floors.

The MinimatS single conductor underfloor heating mat warms up the floor and holds the desired room temperature in your apartment. It will help you to heat your room in autumn and spring, when the main system of heating does not work. The heating sections are placed into the floor in cements and layer below decorative floor covering.

MinimatS single conductor section consists of single conductor heating cable, two coupling muffs and installation wires. Heating conductor and screen are reliably connected with two installation wires, which are used for connection of heating section to thermostat and protective earthling.