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type: LB225

Description: Blue pearl

Particile size: 10-60micron

TiO2 percentage: 52%

Reflected color: Blue

Transmission color: Salmon pink

TiO2 Type : Rutile

Thermal stability: >800centigrade

Density: 3.2-3.3g/cm3

Bulk density: 31-35g/100ml

Oil absorption: 50-60g/100g

pH value: 6-9

content: MICA  47-52%

            TiO2 48-53%

            SnO2 <1%

Special properties: Rutile,blue by reflection,orange trnasmission,bright luster

Application: This pearl pigment usually be used as decorative material.for inside wall coatings, it also can be widely used in paints, plastics, rubbers, inks, seeds coatings, textile printings, plastic shoes etc.