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Perimeter/ Stadium/ Football LED display
1. Cutting edge visualization hardware (customized solution available)
2. Advanced dedicated Stadium software to manage the content of the display instantly.
3. To automatically calibrate the colors and adjust the color temperature
4. Easy and fast assembling.
5. Fast connection display base.
6. Image is extremely stable with no loss of visual information
7. A calibrated brightness level of 5000 nits, together with a contrast level of 1200: 1
8. Completely IP65 approved, against a harsh stadium environment like water, dust and grass clippings
9. Soft rubber mask to avoid injuries of players. And against impact of ball, or other projectiles from fans.
10. Easily deliver by truck and temporarily install with good case.
11. Designed for many different types of communication, advertising being just one.
Kindly please see parameters of P20 for your perusal.
Pixel pitch:          20mm(real)
LED arrangement:    2R1G1B
Density of pixel:      2,500 dots/ sq. m.
Cabinet size          1920mm X 960mm X 150mm
Resolution of module     96 X 48 (dots)
Cabinet weight        110kg
Driving method          Static constant current
Brightness              ≥6000nits
Colors                 1.07 billion
Best viewing distance     20m—300m
H/V viewing angle     110°/50°
Gray scale              10 bits/1024 levels
Frame frequency        60-85Hz
Refresh frequency      800Hz
Operating Power        AC90-260V 50-60Hz
IP grade              IP65
Working temperature     -40℃~+65℃
MTBF                 More than 5,000hours
Life Span(50% brightness)    50,000hours
Optional Products: P16, P20, P25