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Applications Any movable data collection (Trade shows, Racing events) Point of sales (Credit card data collection) Attendance (Student ID, Membership card) Law enforcement (DMV card) Specification 512 K bytes memory for storing 3000 records of data 3-track version can collect all three tracks data Time stamp shows date and time with every transaction Password Protection defends user Auto Power Off is set by user Transfer data to MSR206 and MSR606 directly Data downloadable to the computer via USB Bi - Directional Battery powered and low battery indicated Read ISO format and special format are available upon request No programming required, easy to use as 1- 2- 3

Dimensions L 1.6 x W 0.8 x H 1.2 inch ( L 4.7 x W 2.2 x H 3.1 cm )

Net Weight 1.2 oz Electrical Battery Power 3.7v 220 mAH

Rechargeable Battery

Working Temp 0~55 Deg. C Humidity 10~90%

Relative Storage Temp -10~55 Deg C Communication Standard USB Performance Read card Track1 Track2 Track3 Bit per density 210 bpi 75/210bpi 210 bpi Time stamp Date: YY/MM/DD ( 2007/03/15 => Mar. 15, 2007 )

Time: HH:MM:SS (19:08:35 => 7:08:35pm)

Week: Sun.=>1, Mon.=>2, Tue.=>3 Wed.=>4, Thurs.=>5, Fri.=>6, Sat.=>7

Example: 2002/04/12 19:08:35 6 => April 12, 2002, 7:08:35pm, Friday Coercive force Read 300-4000 oe Mag.card Card thickness 0.76-1.2mm

Read Speed Card speed through the unit may vary from 3 ~50 ips Error rate Read < 0.5% Write < 0.8%

Head life Min. 1000K swipes for both read/write head