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TG-VU Jamm2.0 VHF/UHF Portable Jammer

This TG-VU Jamm2.0 was developed specially for S.W.A.T. Teams, Military Security Forces and Bomb Disposal Squads for antiterror security applications.

The TG-VU Jamm2.0 has an overall RF output power of 360 watts 6 Bands:

Walky-Talky(VHF), Walky-Talky(UHF/300Mhz),Walky-Talky(UHF/330Mhz),Walky-Talky(UHF/400Mhz),Walky-Talky(UHF/450Mhz)

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VHF: 135-155Mhz,155-174Mhz,

UHF: 300-350 350-400Mhz, 400-470Mhz,460-520Mhz

 Great Strength RF Power
  Wide Blocking Area
  Remote Control Function
1) Perfect Alarm System
2) Self Diagnostic Function
  Easy & Simple Maintenance by Separate module design
  Apply to " No-Break Power Function " in Blockade System
1) Automatically convert to Battery Power mode when AC Power Off
( Min 2hours operating by Battery Power )

, and is constructed to simultaneously jam most of the existing VHF/UHF communication (walky talky) standards (frequency bands) around the World, as well as garage door remote controls, car alarm systems and hand made radio emitters.

Its "smart active" cooling system enables unlimited continuous use.

The jammer is fast and easy to activate: Simply attach selected antennas and operate from the jammers outsid batteries, or plug into either AC mains or DC power source and start to operate