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------- engine
Model : EQB160-20
Power (kW) : 118
Displacement (ml): 5880
Type : water cooler in-line six cylinder four stroke supercharge diesel engine  
------- chassis
Model : EQ1126GJ1
Outline dimensions (mm): 8992*2330*3380, 3500
Cargo dimensions (mm): 5600, 5650, 5880*2150*550
Brake : spring brake
Cab : CPB12 G forward control single row with sleeper  
------- Special Function
When work scope 7.180m: 950kg ; max working amplitude (m): 7.180;
When work scope 5.630m: 1250kg; max lifting height (m): 9.4;
When work scope 4.030m: 1900kg; crane weight : 1250kg;
When work scope 2.000m: 4000kg ; rotation : 360° ;
Max lifting capacity (kg): 4000kg;
Max lifting moment (T. M): 8
Could select 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6.3T crane
1, Pentagon hang-arm with fine rigidity; 2, international hydraulic valve lock sith safer and more reliable; 3,24 awl-type tie-in and the high-accuracy cold-drwsing pipline which can solve the oil leakage completely; 4, import cylinder seal with more durable quality; 5, made by high strength armor plate with lighter weight and bigger jaking quantity .

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