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------- engine
Model EQB180-20
Type : water cooler in-line six cylinder four stroke supercharge diesel engine 
Power (kW): 132 
Displacement (ml): 5880   
Fuel kind : diesel 
------- chassis
Model : EQ1141G7DJ2
Outline dimensions (mm):8530*2470*3525, 3405, 3375
Wheelbase (mm):5000
Gearbox : machine type six-speed
Steering : power steering
Brake : spring brake  
Clutch: φ380MM.     
Cab: forward control single row seats with sleeper type 
------- Special Function
When work scope 8.000m:1250kg;  max working amplitude (m):8.1;
When work scope 6.000m:1666kg;  max lifting height (m):11.4;
When work scope 4.000m:2500kg;  max lifting height:1800kg;
When work scope 2.000m:5000kg;  ;rotation::360°;
Max lifting capacity (kg):5000kg;  
Max lifting moment (T.M):12.5;  
Could select 2T,3T,4T,5T,6.3T crane
1,Pentagon hang-arm with fine rigidity;2,international hydraulic valve lock sith safer and more reliable;3,24 awl-type tie-in and the high-accuracy cold-drwsing pipline which can solve the oil leakage completely;4,import cylinder seal with more durable quality; 5,made by high strength armor plate with lighter weight and bigger jaking quantity .
Production street sprinkler.tank truck.garbage truck.Sewage Dredging Truck.high pressure washer truck.chemical liquid truck.powder material truck (bulk cement truck ).crane with automobile.Hydraulic aerial cage.street truck.refrigerated van.Kept temperature van.Van truck.sweep street truck.concrete mix truck.electric mobile machinery automobile.dump truck.semi-trailer truck and so on .
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