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Screen size:100"
Technology:DLP technology
Brightness>1800ANSI Lumen
Gap<0.5mm,Patents:3 patents
N+100HU multi-video wall belongs to DMVision N+ series display cube which is the best choice for the requirement of ultra high-definition and high contrast. DMVision N+ series covers 50,60,67,70,80,84and 100 inches. N+100HU multi-video wall is designed for 24 hour, 7 day a week operation, and  EXV DLP display cube can maintain uniform brightness and color across the entire video wall.
N+100HU multi-video wall can be used  in almost all of the video wall solutions, such as control room, monitoring centre, commanding and dispatching centre, data center etc., which are applied in public transportation, electric power &water conservancy, public security&surveillance, national defense, financial dept. and communications etc.
 Features and the advanced technology
l         Brilliant Color Technology
l         DDP3020F image processing chip, which can display perfect image quality like filmstrip 
l         Resolution: SXGA+(1400×1050)
l         Double layer dustproof cube structure(patents)   
l         Automatic Lamp
l         Automatic Color wheel
l         Built-in image processing module, which can perform PIP display
l         Stable and reliable dual redundant lamp
l         24/7-operation without any breakdown  
l         Wide range of cube size(diagonal viewable): 50" , 60", 62", 67", 80", 84",100"  
Dust Isolation Technology(Patent) 
Optical path space and equipment space are isolated via the structural design,that is, upper and lower divided layer structure can make sure to be clean behind lens, mirror and screen, which can sharply reduce dust on screen and dirt caused by electrostatic.
Horizontal Thermal Dissipation Technology(Patent)
EXV adopts horizontal thermal dissipation, that is, heat comes from the left, get out from the right, in this case, the temperature difference between the upper and lower cube is less than 0.5°C, which ensures DLP video wall runs stably for long. But traditional thermal dissipation through vertical convection makes the temperature different sharply between the upper and lower cube, which will result in the damage to color wheel and the change of color range in the engine.
Stray Light Isolation Technology (Patent)
In order to help lamp to dissipate heat well, usually the lamp is not sealed, in this case, stray light around the lamp and from the side not through DMD chip will project directly onto the reflective mirror and the back edge of the screen, which will affect image quality.  Stray light isolation technology applied on video wall, which can make all kinds of light not from lens don't affect reflective mirror and screen, which makes sure the  excellent image quality.