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The HW-PSS18(104) Drain sheet develops on the basis of the HW-PSD10(103), made by the high polystyrene (HIPS). There is grotextile membrane on the surface, forming Drain SHEET. HW-PSS18 has two-sided concave-convex. It has the two-sided draining water function, has the water storage function, under the moist environment it can bi-directional adjustment.
The HW-pss18 Drain SHEET  is widely applied in the roof garden and outdoor garage roof afforestation project.
Job practice detail (chart of roofing planter structure, garage roof structure)
Product: HW-PSS18(104)
Color of under plate: Black
Material quality: High Polystyrene
Quality(g/): 750
Thickness (mm): 18
Compressive strength (kpa): 200
Color of Geotextile Membrane : Black
Material quality : Polyester fiber
Hole caliber (mm) : 0.15
Runoff rate : 320
Tensile strengthN : 160
Quality(g/) : 150
Specification of Drain Boardmm: 1200×16660
Flow rate (Loss 5cm) (L/S) : 2.4
Flow rate (Loss 10cm) (L/S) : 3.2