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CAS No.:
Other Names: soles paint
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Main Raw Material: Polyurethane
Usage: Plastic Coating
Application Method: Brush
State: Liquid Coating
Model Number: TBL


The product is used for the sole brush off coloring, fast drying, high tinting strength, color bright, etc.

Use steps:
1, first spray primer paint, dry.
2, will be adjusted to fit viscosity the product, spraying.
3, surface drying, use the rotation of the wheel or dipped in solvent cloth surface paint rubs off.
a. The product is highly condensed, please use our professional diluents, and cannot be mixed up with amyl
acetate, ethanol, gasolene which holds waterdrop.
b. The suggested compounds of coating ink and its diluent by 1:2.5~3 in mass number into 13~16s viscosity.
c. It is recommended to use our matting agent making glossy effect.
d. The paint should avoid to meet watery substance, and should be aided with dryers in wet weathers.
e. keep sound airing condition while spraying it.
f. Suggested to test before large scale production for soles material at present varies.
g.Read and know the MSDS before use the product.