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                                                          Technique parameter
Name Dongfeng Xiaobawang water tank fire truck L×W×H mm 6115×1850×2610(mm)
Chassis Model EQ1032N51DJ3 Cargo body   Dimension(mm) ××(mm)
total mass 4150(Kg) Approach/Departure angle 23/10(°)
Rated mass 900(Kg) front/rear suspension 962/1853(mm)
curb mass 2875(Kg) Max. speed 85(km/h)
Engine manufacturer displacement(ml) power(kw)
Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. 3298,3707 70,70
Emission standards GB3847-2005,GB17691-2001EuroⅡ
Axle 2 front tread 1380,1506/1458,1466(mm)
wheelbase 3300 rear tread 1458,1466(mm)
tyre 6 tyre size 6.50-16 10PR,7.00-16 10PR
fuel type diesel spring 5/8+4,6/8+4
axle load 1365/2785 cab passenger 2+3
Note water tank capacity:0.9m3
 max tank capacity:2000L
Our company specializes in modifying and selling Dongfeng Xiaobawang fire truck, Dongfeng 140 fire truck, Dongfeng 140/47 fire truck, Dongfeng 145 fire truck, Dongfeng 153 fire truck, Dongfeng 1208 fire truck, Steyr fire truck,  Hongyan fire truck, and CA fire truck.
The fire trucks are modified on chassis of motor truck, and the special purpose part consists of fluid container, pump room, hose box, power output & transmission system, pipe system and electrical system. It is widely used in urban public security fire brigades, oil and chemical industry, factories and mines, forests, ports and other departments, which can put out a fire quickly, is an ideal fire fighting equipment.
The fire truck has streamline design, nice appearance, flexible control, economical and practical. The inside separated material is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The layout is reasonable and every part is fixed by special fixture.
The fire truck adopts double rows integral structure, and can take 6-8passengers; it can put out fire while running, which has a long distance range and strong extinguish power. Normal pressure, medium-low pressure, high-low pressure pump is optional.
If you have special demand of fire truck, please call us, and we may design, modify it according to your demand. We also can add warm device, power steering and A/C.
Contact with us to get more information and pictures, and we will serve you best!