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Place of Origin: India


SURGISPON is a dependable haemostatic, manufactured by us. Application of Surgispon on the operated tissues, controls oozing and seal up the bleeding tissues immediately. This prevents blood loss from the deeper wounds and predominantly provides clean surface for the surgeons in Dental oral surgery


Uses  in Dental surgery :


? dentoalveolar surgery and extraction of teeth in patients with risk of hemorrhage 


? regeneration of mucosal tissues removal of mandibular cysts


? surgical removal of oral tumours and leucoplakias 


? surgical treatment of periapical and dental abscesses


? maxillo-facial surgery 


* Is mainly used in dental surgery to stop bleeding in extraction sockets or other 

surgical sites. The Cubes- or Standard-piece can be used to stop bleeding during bone harvesting from the illiac crest by filling the donor site.


SURGISPON is absorbed biologically within 4-6 weeks with no side effects at all.


 We are manufacturing a complete range of the same and having all the quality certificates such as ISO 13485 , ISO : 9001 13485, GMP and CE mark.