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Technique parameter
Name Dongfeng 140 sprinkler truck L×W×H mm 7350×2470×2800(mm)
Chassis Model EQ1092FJ Cargo body   Dimension(mm) ××(mm)
total mass 9550(Kg) Approach/Departure angle 34/13(°)
Rated mass 4000(Kg) front/rear suspension 1065/2335(mm)
curb mass 5355(Kg) Max. speed 80(km/h)
Engine manufacturer displacement(ml) power(kw)
EQ6100-1 Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. commercial vehicle engine plant 5420 99
Emission standards GB14762-2002EuroⅡ
Axle 2 front tread 1810/1800(mm)
wheelbase 3950 rear tread 1800(mm)
tyre 6 tyre size 9.00-20
fuel type gas spring 8/11+8
axle load 2850/6700 cab passenger 3
Tank capacity:6.0m³,
Tank dimension (length×long axle ×short axle)(mm):3800×2000×1150.
Our company specializes in producing Dongfeng Xiaobawang sprinkler truck, Dongfeng Duolika sprinkler truck, Dongfeng Sanpingchai sprinkler truck, Dongfeng Dajingang sprinkler truck, Dongfeng 140 sprinkler truck, Dongfeng 145 sprinkler truck, Dongfeng 153 sprinkler truck, Dongfeng 1254 sprinkler truck, Dongfeng 8*4 sprinkler truck, Dongfeng Tianlong sprinkler truck, and Jiefang series sprinkler truck etc. We may modify sprinkler truck with the chassis that customer’s brought themselves.
The sprinkler truck has front spray, rear sprinkling and side spray. There is a working platform behind the tank, on which a spry monitor is mounted. The monitor can rotate 360°,and it can spray as washdown, heavy rain, light rain and fine rain continuously. The truck is equipped with special high power spray pump produced by Hangzhou Weilong, which is top 1 in China. The pump has capacity of self-suction and self exhaust, which is equipped with strainer and fire coupling. The pump has gravity valve, and water can inflow through fire hydrant. 20m reel is optional. The truck also can spray pesticide.
Spray pump: special high power spray pump, which has mature quality, reasonable design, easy to use. It has the advantage of high pressure, long suction and long work life, which leads the spray pump area home & abroad and has a market share of 93%.