Product Main


Molding technology
FRP pultrusion profiles are the fiber reinforced plastic products that with the uniform profiles. The products are molded through the continuous high heating. They are made from the reinforced materials such as roving, continuous mat, sew mat, surface mat and the matrix materials such as unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl ester, phenolic aldehyde and so on.  
Functions and Characteristics   
High strength, light weight, corrosion- resistant, insulation, fire resistance, no electromagnetic, low coefficient of fever expand, resistance to aging, can be designed relative freely and have a beautiful appearance.
Suitable Application 
Aerospace, military, auto, architecture, construction, chemical processing consumable, tower, electric power, electric, food and beverage, infrastructure, ocean, dock, medical, mining industry, oil, gas mining, petrochemical industry, pollution controlling, power generation, power transmission facilities, paper industry, track traffic, entertainments in culture and sports, communications, theme park, exhibition, transportation, wastewater treatment, etc.