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Golden and Silver Aluminum Composite Panel
Features of the product
1. Scope of application:
Construction curtain wall; Old construction wall restored; Roof; Eave; Loge; Compartment; Wainscot; Removable board; Indoor stock shelf; Sign; Adver-tise board; Barge decorating; Ceilings of kitchen and toilet; Cosmetics; Food; Medicine; Clarification plate of electronics field and so on; Interior wall decora-tion of operating room and aseptic room.
2. Color:
Usage Color: 30 colors
Special Color: Produced as requirement
3. Specification:
Thickness: Standard: 3mm/4mm
Width: Standard: 1220mm
Widest 1575mm as requirement
Length: Standard: 2440mm
Longest 6000mm as requirement
4. Functions:
A. Super weather resistance
Imported line of composite panels from Hongtai Taiwan; Adopted advanced production technology from German; High quality of composite; Without deformation and tackless; Smooth surface; Peel strength can increase about 30% than normal.
B. Lightweight, easy to process
Composite panel, between 3.5 and5.5kg per square, anti-seismic and reduce disasters and easy handling, convenient to construct, easy cutting and clipping, easily shaped into shapes, such as curve, round, ringt-angle, good plasticity, variable, portable to install, low construction cost.
C. Excellent fire resistance
There is antifoaming PE advanced core material in the middle of aluminum plastic composite panel, excellent properties of cutting of heat and sound, so itsi a safe fireproof material, and can completely meet fireproof requirement of construction laws and regulation.
D. Excellent impact strength
Paint film of aluminum plastic panel without deformation after impacting, excellent toughness, panel and core material have good property of impact proof, without surface damaged under wind, sand, ice and snow.
E. Super weather resistance
Using KYNAR-500PVDFF, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, containing ultraviolet ray absorbent, and showing the excellent climate resistance, beartiful appearance, over 20years without change of color.
F. Uniform and colorful coating
Pretreatment adopts the general company, USA, adhesive force is excellent between paint and panel, without paint off.
G. Easy maintenance
Under the environment with serious pollution, this kind of aluminum plastic panel is difficult to glue the dust, especially the Nanometer, which has the function of self-clean and new forever.