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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
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1. Constitution Structure:
Top Coating PVDF/Nano-PVDF (KYNAR 500)
Aluminum skin
Macromolecular lamination film
Nontoxic polyethylene core or No-combustible filled core
Macromolecular lamination film
Aluminum skin
Service coating or mill finished

2. Characteristic:
Fire safety: The outer aluminum sheets and the inner fire-resist polyethylene function the panel having an excellent fireproof performance, and meeting the standard_smoke less and no harmful gas.
Weather-resistance: Superior weather-resistance and ultraviolet (UV) resistance, acid-resistance and alkali-resistance, suitable for all natural environments.
Smooth Surface: The fire-resist ACP provide superior and smooth surface, coated with the PVDF inheriting the excellent surface characteristics, satisfying the modern building with perfect appearance.
High Strength: The fire-resist ACP use high quality aluminum with the high quality fire-resist polyethylene core which can be greatly enhanced strength, ensure the performance of wind-pressure resistance, shockproof, and anti-impact.
Easy Processing: ACP is easy to cut, slot, punch, bend into circular, rectangular and other shapes also can be designed to various modeling according to your ideas.
Exertion Design: The fire-resist ACP has series of glossy and shape to meet the designer great originality, achieve perfect results.

3. Specification
Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Alu thickenss: 0.06-0.50mm
Width: 900 ≤ W ≤ 1600
Length: Customized


Application: Interior Decoration, Exterior Wall Cladding and Sign
Dimensional Tolerances Thickness(mm) ±0.2
Width(mm) ±2
Length(mm) ±3
Diagonal(mm) ±5
Thermal Expansion 2.4mm/m at 100 oC temp difference
Aluminum Thickness(mm)  ±0.02
Surface Properties Pencil Hardness >HB/>2H
Temperature Resistance  -50 oC to +80 oC
Impact strength   (kg. cm) 50
Boiling Resistance Boiling for 2 hours without change
Acid Resistance Immerse Surface in 2% HC1 for 48 hours without change
Alkali Resistance Immerse Surface in 2% NAOH for 48 hours without change
Oil Resistance Immerse Surface in 20# engine oil for 48 hours without change
Solvent Resistance Cleaned 100 times with dimethylbezene without change
Cleaning Resistance Over 1000 times without change
Peel Strength 180 oC 180oC>5 newton/mm
Product Properties Sound Absorption NRC 0.05
Sound Attenuation RW db 23/24/25
Water Absorption % by volume 0.0047/0.0057/0.0012
Core Composition LDPE Polyethylene, Non- Combustible Material